How to Find a Furniture Assembly Helpers Service

Furniture assembly can be quite a tedious chore. In order to save time, it’s possible to hire an expert assembly service. You may use a service such as TaskRabbit or a local furniture retailer. You may also use a platform like Thumbtack. Just make sure to do some due diligence to find the right person for the job.


If you want help assembling a piece of furniture, TaskRabbit has you covered. Its service allows customers to schedule help with the touch of a key and relate to a vetted pro. Although it charges higher prices than other services, TaskRabbit’s service is great for last-minute needs. Besides, TaskRabbit allows customers to choose their preferred pro. Another great advantage of TaskRabbit is so it offers same-day service.

BIG Helpers

When you need a hand piecing together a brand new piece of furniture, call on BIG Helpers for professional help. The company’s handyman service offers everything from furniture assembly to TV mounting and cabinet installation. They could also install art and hang pictures and other décor. The organization also provides services for swing sets, murphy beds, and more.

IKEA’s new at-home assembly service

Ikea has recently launched an at-home furniture assembly service in certain US stores. Customers can arrange for assembly in-store or book an assembly slot online. TaskRabbit, which provides contract labor services, will fall into line to take on the job. Prices for the service start at $36, depending on the item.


If you want assistance assembling furniture, you can find an area service through Thumbtack. They offer a comprehensive list of service providers and can give you as much as five cost estimates. Along with furniture assembly, Thumbtack offers additional services like packing and moving.


A handy furniture assembly helper service will be the best choice for you if you don’t have the full time to accomplish the work yourself. While you should use instructions to construct your furniture, these manuals may be difficult to understand. Moreover, they often oversimplify the procedure, leaving you with an increase of questions than answers. A Handy pro may also handle odd-sized screws, as well as arrange for housekeeping services for you.


Airtasker is just a platform where you could hire people for different services, including Furniture assembly helpers. It is just a convenient and hassle-free way to own your furniture assembled and fixed. You are able to hire someone who’s an expert in the field to help you with the job. They could also do repairs in your furniture or move it.


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